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We have stated below are considered automatically applied to any use of promo codes and coupon codes, provided by Coupons Window. They can be used while shopping online through the concerned brand or availed through Coupons Window itself, the use will be considered as the customer agreeing to the below-mentioned points.

Double check the validity — Every code provided by Coupons Window has its own unique requirements, the user needs to make sure all the mentioned requirements are met with and the date is also valid before the code is accepted for them to avail the discounts.

Only valid coupon codes will be accepted and be deemed useable.

All coupon codes offered are to be used once only.

Coupons are only applicable one the purchases made by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. These codes cannot be used in exchange for cash purchases.

In case of a customer being identified misusing the coupons in any way, Coupons Window reserves the right to block the user as Coupons Window does not support any fraud activities or for commercial gains of the customer in any wrong way.

Coupons Window’s coupons are only useable for the Coupons Window website.

Third party sellers and or brands working as third party sellers are not included in the use of the coupon codes by Coupons Window. This may also include websites and third-party merchants that are affiliated with Coupons Window.

Coupon codes used for multi-item order purchase works with the value of the allocating itself to the items selected based on the percentage of the value of the item in values to all the items in the order. The discounts offered by the coupon codes does NOT include the taxes, shipping charges or any other charges that will be required by the store. It strictly only covers the items being purchased.

Items such as the new arrivals or those already being sold as discounted or deals do not qualify for discounts availed through the use of Coupons Window coupon codes. The stores have the right to exclude those items from validity. New arrivals by the law of the countries are not covered for any kind of discounts.

Minimum purchase limit to use coupon codes does not cover taxes, shipping charges and any extra charges to fill the requirement limit. The limit is only for the product you are purchasing. Only one coupon code per order is generally used.

Every coupon code at Coupons Window has an expiration date and is unusable after the validity period is over.

The cash value of the coupon codes being offered is considered 1/10th of one cent.

*Any use or redemption of the coupon codes from Coupons Window will be an agreement by the customer of having read, understood and accepting of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.